Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are the officers of the association and are elected by the membership at the annual meeting. You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran to join the executive committee. What is required is a strong desire to lead your organization and serve your colleagues across the state.

Dr. Christopher J. Bibbo, President

The major duties of President are:

  • Attend all Executive Committee Meetings
  • Assume full responsibility for all activities of the Association, to include the Annual Meeting
  • Chair the Executive Committee
  • Appoint committee members to standing and ad hoc committees as deemed appropriate
  • Represent organization at other national, state, and local meetings
  • Ensure the FACRAO Executive Committee procedures, job duties, bylaws and constitution are up to date for the upcoming year
  • Invite national, state, and local representatives to annual meeting
  • Serve as liaison with other professional associations throughout the state and nation

Latisha McCray, President-Elect

The major duties of President-Elect are:

  • The President-Elect shall act as the chief assistant to the President and shall succeed to that office in case it becomes vacant
  • The President-Elect will become President the following year
  • Attend all Executive Committee Meetings
  • Ensure with the VP for Professional Development all mini-workshops are scheduled
  • Ensure with the VP for Professional Development that all Annual Meeting Committees (if created) are established and working according to Planning Calendar
    • Program Committee
    • Local Arrangements Committee
  • Prepare preliminary Planning Calendar for the upcoming year
  • Prepare tentative budget for upcoming year with the assistance of the President and the Treasurer

Andrew Konapelsky, Immediate Past-President

The major duties of the Immediate Past President are:

  • Attend all Executive Committee Meetings
  • Chair the Nominating Committee
  • Chair Council of Past Presidents
  • Send invitations to Past Presidents for luncheon at annual meeting (if scheduled)
  • Represent organization at other national, state, and local meetings when appropriate
  • If required, work on site selection for future conference
  • Assist with website and document reviews and updating of EC documentation

Robin Tornay, Vice President for Professional Development

The major duties of the Vice President for Professional Development are:

  • Attend all Executive Committee Meetings
  • Assist in the planning of the Annual meeting
    • Work with the President-Elect to appoint a Program Committee
    • Serve as the Program Committee Chair
    • Coordinate annual conference for sessions and presenters
    • Serve as liaison with conference hotel for session requirements and room layouts
  • Coordinate statewide Mini-Workshops (when scheduled)
    • Secure future workshop and coordinators
    • Provide local coordinators with information from previous workshops and assistance with the upcoming workshop
    • Provide future workshop coordinators with support and planning guidance

TBD, Vice President for Emerging and Specialized Programs

The major duties of the Vice President for Emerging and Specialized Programs are:

  • Attend all Executive Committee Meetings
  • Provide recommendations to the EC on higher education trends and emerging topics that could be a focus or a theme for the EC in particular for the annual conference
  • Assist with the annual conference planning:
    • Work with the VP for Professional Development by Coordinating a specialized track or sessions
    • Assist with the operation of the conference registration site
    • Assist with communications to the membership on the annual conference
    • Work with the Secretary in managing on site conference registration

Angela Brill, Vice President for Communications and Member Relations

The major duties of the Vice President for Communications and Member Relations are:

  • Attend all Executive Committee Meetings
  • Chair the Membership Committee, (if appointed) and compile results of the membership surveys and submit to the Executive Committee for review and action
  • Distribute membership renewal letters and requests for directory updates to member institutions in coordination with Treasurer
  • Collection of membership payments to be forwarded to Treasurer
  • Communicate with the Secretary and Treasurer for updated membership listings
  • Review all distributions to the FACRAO membership list for appropriateness
  • Continually review the organization’s website for accuracy and appropriateness of materials
  • Submit corrections on website or changes to the webmaster for posting
  • Recruit the membership for newsworthy articles for publication in an online FACRAO Journal/Legislative Update Section: State and Federal
  • Submit proposals to the EC on improvements that can be made in communication to the membership
  • Chair of the Awards and Special Recognition's Committee

Gina Phillips, Vice President for Information Technology

The major duties of the Vice President for Information of Technology are:

  • Supporting the EC with media platforms, including designation as the primary POC for the FACRAO website, Twitter and Facebook
  • Serving as a primary liaison with the program planning officers, the secretary and the member communications VP to coordinate outward facing media platforms
  • Supporting the EC with non-media technology platforms used for the Annual Summit, such as registration software
  • Supporting the technology needs for the summit, including both FACRAO and FCRAO events
  • Coordinating technology arrangements with the contracted venue and vendors retained by FACRAO to provide technology support for the summit
  • Attending 2-3 planning meetings at the conference site throughout the year preceding the summit, as well as attendance at the June summit
  • Lead/present one or more technology session(s) at the annual summit; assist in the development of technology-based sessions at the summit

Jay Hoying, Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate records of all financial activities of the Association and to ensure that the organization is in compliance with all Federal, State, and local regulations. To fulfill these responsibilities, the Treasurer shall:

  • Write checks for funds needed, as appropriate (a check requisition form must be completed by any member of FACRAO requiring a check
  • Make regular deposits of all funds received and reconcile monthly bank statements
  • Prepare various financial reports for distribution at Executive Committee meetings
  • Prepare Financial Statements for distribution to membership at the Annual Meeting
  • Work in conjunction with the VP for Member Relations to ensure the collection of institutional membership dues
  • Maintain an accurate paid and unpaid membership roster and send reminder notifications to unpaid institutions from prior fiscal year and provide a listing of unpaid institutions to the Secretary for removal from the directory
  • Prepare and file annual reports as appropriate, with governmental agencies, among those requirements are:
    • F1120 Florida Corporate Income/Franchise and Emergency Excise Tax Return
    • 1096 Annual Summary of Transmittal of U.S. Information Return
    • 9990T Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return
    • 1099 MISC file as appropriate
  • Reapply, when necessary, for Florida Sales Tax Exemption Certificate with Florida Department of Revenue
  • Financial Summary reports are required from each Mini-Workshop Coordinator as well as LAC for Annual Meeting to ensure that the records of the Association are accurate, complete and will withstand an audit

Troy Mahler, Treasurer-Elect 

The major duties of the Treasurer-Elect are:

  • Work under the direction of the treasurer
  • At the end of the year be ready to assume the role of Treasurer

Chrissy Runyan, Secretary

The major duties of the Secretary are:

  • Serve as the custodian of the official records of the Association
  • Maintain the minutes of Annual Meeting and all Executive Committee meetings and distribute to all Executive Committee members, all executive chairs and all members of the Council of Past Presidents and ensure minutes are posted to the website
  • Prepare and distribute annually to membership a copy of the constitution and by-Laws, incorporating all changes and ensure website has the latest approved version of the Constitution and Bylaws
  • Distribute copies of the Annual Meeting Minutes of the Business Meeting and Closing Session at Business Meeting
  • Annual Conference:
    • Manage the on-site registration operations
    • Ensure EC has sufficient office type supplies for conference

Dulce Beltran, Corporate Sponsor Liaison

The major duties of the Corporate Sponsor Liaison are:

  • Review previous sponsorship levels for annual conference and make recommendations for the upcoming conference
  • Recruit vendors
    • Make initial contact to recruit vendors in a timely manner, to include follow-up contact as needed.
    • Send follow-up letter and registration form, if no response, in mid-March
  • Determine vendors needs (electrical and other special needs)
    • Determine and coordinate vendor needs with hotel
  • Monitor sponsor and exhibitor payments, assist treasurer with collections if necessary
  • Send names of exhibitors to registration committee for hotel information to be mailed
  • Have exhibitors provide ad for web site and conference program
  • Serve as contact for sponsors and exhibitors during conference
  • Survey sponsors and exhibitors after the conference and provide feedback to EC

TBD, Audit Committee Chair 

Brenda Knight, FCRAO Chair & Summit Planning Committee Member